*Due to Covid-19, all events are subject to change. 

July   29-31          Virtual Team Camp

August 1                FBISD Organization/Booster Club Meeting

August 3-5           Crowd Pleasers Camp (Virtual)

August 17             First Day of School

  General Meetings

Tues, Aug 11   7-8pm

Tues, Oct 6      7-8pm

Tues, Jan 5       7-8pm

Tues, April 6    7-8pm

  Board Meetings

*Typically the first Tuesday of each month.

Tues, Aug 11     6-7pm

Tues, Sept 1    6-7pm                         

Tues, Oct 6      6-7pm             

Tues, Nov 3     6-7pm                         

Tues, Dec 1     6-7pm                         

Tues, Jan 5      6-7pm

Tues, Feb 2      6-7pm                         

Tues, Mar 2     6-7pm (Historically  March meeting not needed)

Tues, April 6    6-7pm

Tues, May 11  6-7pm (Historically May meeting not needed)

 Important Dates

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