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Royals Alumni


2011-2021 Celebrating

of the Royals Dance Team!

The Royals Dance Team was established in 2011 with 20 inaugural members by Mrs. Miranda Richter who continues to serve as the Royals Director. Ms. Emily Wendt, who joined the Royals in 2017, currently serves as the Royals Assistant Director, JV Royals Director and full-time dance teacher.  The Royals have had over 180 members total in the past 10 years and the program is rich in its traditions and rituals developed over these years..

Help us celebrate 10 years of Royals by reading the bios of previous Royals

and finding out what they have been up to since graduating and where they are today!

Feb 1 part 1.PNG
Feb 3 part 1 .PNG
Feb 3 part 2 (3).PNG
Feb 6.PNG
Feb 9.PNG
Feb 1  part 2.PNG
Feb 3 part 2.PNG
Feb 7.PNG
Feb 4.PNG
Feb 10 part 1.PNG
Feb 2.PNG
Feb 3 part 2 (2).PNG
Feb 5.PNG
Feb 8.PNG
Feb 10 part 2.PNG
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